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by Anonymous

Boise, Idaho, United States
13/11/11 19:58

It seems democracy has ended in Europe. S/O to all Europeans, please stop telling other nations that they don't have democracy anymore, look at the mirror please. First Greece... more>>


by Jess. T. Bld

Moore, Idaho, United States
24/05/11 10:26

it must be so difficult for the families who lost their loved ones at the tornado disaster in Joplin, Missouri. i am praying for all of you my sisters and my brothers. more>>


by Noname

Boise City, Idaho, United States
20/02/11 20:48

one of my friend got married yesterday, she is moving to LA with her husband next week. i tried to be happy for her, but i can't she is leaving behind all of her fiends, and she is... more>>