Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

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by Anonymous

Brooklyn, New York, United States
01/06/12 18:15

Edgar L from North Arlington, NJ I think u r perfection. more>>


by J&J

Belfast, Maine, United States
24/03/12 19:36

I have to confess that i love our neighbor. she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. she is married and 2 kids, but i can't ignore my feelings about her. last night she... more>>


by BradJr.

Paisley, Oregon, United States
10/05/11 08:32

to the girl in the paisley branch library: I was at paisley branch library yesterday, a girl around 20-23 years old, blonde, may be around 5'6", sat next to me, she was reading a... more>>


by Sandy96

Denison, Iowa, United States
09/05/11 14:17

to Andy Samberg from the lonely island, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you. haven't... more>>


by someone

Arlington, Washington, D.C., United States
03/05/11 20:16

shout out to the mature lady who is living on the 3rd floor at 1xx0 stuart st, Arlington, VA.; you make me really excited when i see you every morning in the elevator. this evening... more>>


by Broken

Burnsville, Minnesota, United States
18/04/11 11:49

Shirley!!!, why you don't love me, i did everything for you, everything btch. i cooked for you when you were sick, i paid your phone bills, i bought you flowers roses at least 50... more>>


by Davin

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
22/02/11 20:28

This shout out goes to my wife : thank you very much for treating me like a king today, the fish you cooked was very tasty, the cake was very good, and the massage after the dinner... more>>


by A student

Buffalo, New York, United States
21/02/11 22:56

I am studying at canisius college in buffalo and I love my human resources management teacher.p I can't tell him because he is married. I found this site, I am shouting out here: I... more>>


by Noname

Boise City, Idaho, United States
20/02/11 20:48

one of my friend got married yesterday, she is moving to LA with her husband next week. i tried to be happy for her, but i can't she is leaving behind all of her fiends, and she is... more>>


by Anonymous

Crittenden, Arkansas, United States
20/02/11 00:04

Can anyone tell me what is a physical love, i have been hearing this term recently, and i don't understand what does it mean. for me there is no such a thing called physical love,... more>>


by ellen

Englewood, New York, United States
16/02/11 20:30

to the handsome at starbucks dean st and palisade ave today around 9pm. i heard you when you were buying coffee misto, it is also my favorite. may be i can buy you one if i see you... more>>


by Angel Lica

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
15/02/11 20:16

officer Ean Lo., no matter what happened last night, VALENTINE'S DAY, after all these years, you are still the one for me, i can't even get angry at you. i love you very very very... more>>


by Jess

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
14/02/11 09:50

Not a shout but a whisper from me to Mike: Come live with me, and be my love. And we will some new pleasures prove. Of GOLDEN sands, and crystal brooks. With silken lines, and... more>>


by Maverick

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
14/02/11 05:44

happy valentine's day to my wife Elizabeth, who has been a partner and friend for me for than 20 years. i love you very very much, more than anything else. I know that I have given... more>>