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by Erkin

Reno, Nevada, United States
08/03/11 16:00

happy woman's day to all ladies in Reno, especially to my wife Ann and my mother. more>>


by Kelden Family

Redmond, Oregon, United States
27/02/11 11:35

have a happy holly Sunday to all American families from Kelden family. more>>


by Steve K.

Chicago, Illinois, United States
22/02/11 21:21

Congratulations to the new mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. You have deserved this more than Gery Chico, i am glad that he didn't win. I am sure that Rahm's budget skills will be a... more>>


by Noname

Boise City, Idaho, United States
20/02/11 20:48

one of my friend got married yesterday, she is moving to LA with her husband next week. i tried to be happy for her, but i can't she is leaving behind all of her fiends, and she is... more>>


by My World

Collierville, Tennessee, United States
20/01/11 08:01

May today be all you need it to be. May the peace of God restore your thoughts, rule in your dreams tonight, and conquer all your fears. May God manifest Himself today in ways you... more>>


by Anonymous

New York City, New York, United States
21/12/10 07:03

This message goes to Amazed 2/20/2010 8:19:25 PM. I don't believe that people exists like you. What is wrong with you. Christmas is the time when our families gather together, it... more>>


by Anonymous

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
16/12/10 13:01

Marry Christmas to everyone from Minneapolis, even this year's snow storms cannot prevent my happiness. more>>