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by Randy

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
28/07/11 14:24

shout out to people who thinks jackboot/killing people solve problems; you guys are morons and your place should be jail. last week an idiot right wing Norwegian killed 70 people. i... more>>


by People of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
05/03/11 20:54

the problem with the ttc is whoever is doing the hiring, it seems that anyone who is qualified has doors shut on them but if your a wannabe homer simpson trailer park redheck,... more>>


by Anonymous

New Market, Ontario, Canada
07/02/11 10:07

I am starting to like toronto's major Rob Ford. He is planning to make garbage removal private. When I remember the strike we had in 2009, garbage was everywhere, Toronto was... more>>


by Butterfly

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
25/01/11 02:17

dear torontonians, toronto major Rob Ford promised to cut city workers by 3%. but just a second, he can't keep his promises, he is hiring 47 new staffs in the first month of the... more>>