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by Anonymous

Montrose, Colorado, United States
07/06/11 07:58

just wanted to share a news i read today on CNN: An officer in Zimbabwe made a very big big mistake, and used Zimbabwe's president's Mugabe's, toilet. Can you imagine????, the... more>>


by Mr. O

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
31/03/11 08:42

s-o to tim hortons, may be this is the 50th double double i bought in the last 3 weeks, and haven't won any prize yet. my wife doesn't drink coffee to much, but she already won 2... more>>


by jenn

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
14/03/11 06:54

Just witnessed, an old Chinese lady was trying to buy token at finch subway station by offering discount coupons from a Chinese store. the ttc guy told her he can't accept coupons,... more>>


by Mr. O

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
30/01/11 22:44

1. Go to Google Maps and click on Get Directions. 2. Write USA as your start point. 3. Write Japan as your destination. 4. Go to the 31st point on your route 5. When you stop... more>>