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by b. d. c.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
03/05/11 11:51

to the liberals: what is happening to you people, you are choosing the wrong persons in the last two elections, first Stéphane Dion then Michael Ignatieff. you don't need bring... more>>


by Mr. O

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
02/05/11 20:48

to the guys who set the election places: my voting card says I should be voting at 411 duplex ave,. but we couldn't, not only me, but all the tenants who live at 411 duplex. after... more>>


by Anonymous

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
02/05/11 20:15

i don't believe how people voted for conservatives, people must be crazy. i am really shocked, and i don't care what happens to this country anymore because we deserve ... more>>


by canadian

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
12/04/11 10:08

to all Canadians, the election is coming, please please do not vote for the liar Stephan Harper. we have lost all of our Canadian values with this guy, we were known as a peaceful... more>>