Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Tulare, California, United States
02/03/11 19:24

i am going to have my first blind date on this saturday, i'll be glad if anyone have any advice.



s-o to anonymous from tulare/ca. here is my advice for a blind date: . if you are a girl (you should have mentioned in your shout out), try to find if he has any female friends, if he does this is a good point, he is not a psycho . don't try to be someone else, be yourself, lies get unveiled every time . if you are a girl stay away from too much make up, I know most of men don't like it . don't talk about your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriends . never talk about s-e-x (read the next) . don't be very easy if you are looking for a long term relationship, if you are not, forget about what I said above. and good luck, and please let us know how i went