Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Broken

Burnsville, Minnesota, United States
18/04/11 11:49

Shirley!!!, why you don't love me, i did everything for you, everything btch.

i cooked for you when you were sick, i paid your phone bills, i bought you flowers roses at least 50 times.

what do u want more btch



it also comes down to personality and looks - different things make different people ticks - you cant buy love
to skeptic from London, Ontario, UK; i don't think i am an ugly person, i'm doing modelling at caryn international modelling agency, i am not a poor person, i am volunteering at the city's community center to help the homeless, and i also have degree in international law. btw, i don't love btch shirley anymore, i realized that i was addicted to her only for s-ex (she was good). she tried to return back a week ago, asked for forgiveness, it was too late. but thank you your opinion, appreciated..