Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by the big kid

Richmond, New York, United States
19/01/11 09:26

do you guys know if sholod has a message notifier? i d like to see if any new message has been posted or not. it would be useful to see if there is any reply to my message



hi the big kid from richmond new york. you can subscribe to rss feeds on sholod.com. you should see an rss icon at the top right, just clik and subscribe from your browser. your browser's rss subscriber will tell you if there is any new message
thanks for the reply mr. o. it would be nice if i can get the messages on my iphone, any recommendation?
the big kid, you can use any rss reader on your i phone. if you want a specific one i can recommend ByLine, it is free. Also, if you are using chrome browser install RSS Feed Reader add-on.