Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Who

Buffalo, New York, United States
24/01/11 09:16

I am very very sad to hear about the bombing in Moscow airport. My condolences go for the families of the victims. I hate people who targets civilians, I can't even think how many kids, women, elderly were in the airport



Fck al the terrorists in the world. They don't deserve to live. What is wrong with you guys, or may be I should call them animals. As a Turkish-Canadian, my condolences for all the Russians esspecially Moscow airport victims' families
What is happening to our world, everyday we are hearing very bad news around the world. i really don't see any good future for my kids. my condolences for the russians
I have a lot of Russian friends, they are really great people, I couldn't reach all of them yet but am hoping none of them have any relatives in Moscow.
stop the war in iraq so you can clean your hands from the blood shed on innocent civilians... then you can complain!
To William: I agree that the war in Iraq is not right. But one mistake cannot be solved with another mistake. There is nothing to do with the civilians killed in Russia. I am sure there were also Muslims killed in Moscow airport.