Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Aaron

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
30/04/11 06:56

shout out to : too many ignorant people, around 2 billion.
. you all watched the royal wedding comedy?
. didn't you have something else to do?
. you all dreamed yourself as a prince or princes, didn't yo?
. are you happier than yesterday because those royal jerks got married?
. do you know how much money they spend just for their security? do you know how many poor, homeless people could have food with that money?



to Aaron from Madison, Wisconsin US, you are very rude body. i am sure you haven't watched any movie. assume that people watched the royal wedding like how you watch a movie. and royal wedding in Britain is kind of a tradition, respect to nations' traditions
i do not care about the royal family but i really don't like the new princes, Kate Middleton, Diana was more sympathetic, she was such a lovely lady.. I am checking the pictures on a website now, Kate is standing beside the first lady Michelle Obama, while Mrs Obama looks like an elegant lady, Kate looks like a bitch,,