Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by B.Britney

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
04/04/11 13:13

to the burger king at the exchange tower in downtown toronto; you guys should be more careful when you are counting money:
Today i bought #12 combo, bg big fish, and paid $20 for $6.70, and the lady returned me $6.70. then i told her i gave you $20 and you gave me back $6.70. she insisted that she gave me $13.3. I emptied my wallet and pockets, and i told her where is the money, as i have only 20 dollars and one 5 dollar....
Anyway, she called the store manager and they re-counted the cashier machine and they accepted that they made a mistake. It is OK, human make mistakes, but don't judge anyone before you proof that he/she is a criminal/etc..



this things happen, just get over it. burger king is way better then mc donalds.