Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Ranter

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
13/02/11 20:04

I am watching the grammy's and Justin Bieber SUCKS!! he doesn't sounds like the cute little kid he was even just a year ago. his voice is weak, sure it is puberty but his stage presence SUCKS... he's no MJ.



to Ranter from Brampton, may be Justin Bieber's voice is different because he is growing, you should be knowing that every boy's voice changes between 13-18, their voice box (larynx) grows bigger, give him some time it will be better again
i agree with Anonymous from Whitby, Canada. give Justin Bieber a credit, he is just a kid, he has become famous by himself without getting any help from any producer. i am sure he will be better in the future. every boys in his age have very annoying voice. his voice will be smoother 2-3 years later.