Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Denver, Colorado, United States
09/02/11 20:57

ooo republicans, you guys are showing your real faces. i am glad that new yorker Christopher Lee resigned from the house seat. finding a woman from craigslist??, really funny but also very sad, this country cannot carry this kind of people anymore



typical democrat behave, chris lee made a mistake and you are blaming all the republicans. we still didn't forget b. clinton's under table actions with monica in the white house, now compare yourself, one is doing something in the white house which belongs to all Americans, and the other one is using craigslist which is related with his own private life.
to Anonymous from Denver, in addition to my previous post, please check this site: http://www.boycottliberalism.com/Scandals.htm. You will be finding a lot of scandals had been done by democrats, may be, MAY BE you can change your opinions
to Anonymous from Norman, Oklahoma: listen to me: HA HA HA HA HA. boycottLIBERALISM.com, you are very funny man or lady. thank you very much for making my day happier. do you think if i read that blsht site i'd change my mind about republicans