Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Grimble T.

Markham, Ontario, Canada
26/09/11 14:45

to Liberals and Conservatives in Ontario.
Give me a reason to vote for you in 2011 provincial elections.

Dalton McGuinty: we only see your face from election to election. What you really did for Ontarians. Let's remember:
. HST, so more tax
. Higher hydro bills
. Extra charge for plastic bags (not from the companies but from the customers)
. Collapsing economy

PC's Tim Hudak: I am sorry, but you really don't give me an honest face, i can't trust you. Also, your conservatives has returned Canada into a junior U.S.. Even we have become more American than Americans. No vote your you.

NDP's Andrea Horwarth: You are not really different than Tim Hudak, but I think i am going to vote for you. Not because of you, but because of Jack Layton. I never voted for Jack Layton when he was alive, but now, I am really sorry about that. He was really an honest man, and he spent all of his life to help Canadians.

And for my region, I think I am also going to vote for NDP's candidate, Gerti Dervishi. I had a chance to shake his hand, he looks like a smart and trust-able person. His education and work experience are impressive.

Again, hear me Conservatives and Liberals, give me a reason to vote for you.



voting for NDP will be a big mistake. 2008 economic recession was the worst since the WWII, but Dalton McGuinty handled it very well. don't use your feelings, use your brain
I don't like any of the candidates, I m 15, not voting anyway :)