Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Mr.O

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
27/09/11 16:42

TTC, that is enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every day problems, everyday late trains, everyday apologizes and apologizes and apologizes

I took the subway at St. Andrew station to go to Yonge & Eglington subway. You guys stopped at the Union station, saying there is an issue at the Wellesley station, this train is going back to St. George.

I was still OK, as we all get used to TTC problems. But right after 30 seconds the train started moving, another announcement was saying the issue at the Wellesley has been fixed. But it was too late for us.

Anyway, i had to take the St.George, than east to Yonge on the Bloor line, then take North to Eglington.

By the way the picture i uploaded today is from Yonge and Bloor station, you can see how crowded it was. I had to wait for tree trains to get in.



"TTC, that is enough already!" No, that is not enough, ttc lost the power today around 5:10pm in a rush hour on south of yonge and bloor line, and they couldn't find the power for 15 minutes. bad power, bad power, where were you
Mr. O, i understand your frustrations, i don't use the subway frequently like you do, but for whatever reason whenever i go on the ttc something happens, like delays, or its overcrowded because the trains do not run frequently, rude people bumping into you and don't say sorry, stuff like that. so much for the better way!