Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Lafayette, Indiana, United States
02/05/11 13:47

Mother's day is approaching. I want to give her something unusual, i'll appreciate if anyone shares a unique idea with me

respect to all mothers (except bin laden's mother) :)



to Anonymous Lafayette,Indiana US, if you are a girl or boy doesn't matter; on the mothers day you become the mother. wake before your mother, prepare a breakfast for her, clean the house, cook lunch and dinner. even if you are a boy, may be wear you r mother's scarf, or something like that, it will be also very funny. i m sure your mother will never forget
a dozen of flowers with a small kiss on the chick works every time on the mother's day and valentines. but still if you want something unique may be you should take her to a restaurant, or to a movie theater, spend all of your day with her.
to @anonymous from Lafayette; if you want to make a unique surprise for your mother on the mothers day, here is my idea, it might need some extra work for you; get your mother's photo album, find an old friend of her, may be from high school, or university, or work. then try to find your mother's friend, call her/him and invite to your mother's house for the mother's day. you can even invite him/her family as well. it will be a very unique mother's day celebration.
to L. @Brandle, i like how you used @ to reply, it is kind of twitter replies. it would be nice also if sholod makes them clickable..