Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Mr. O

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
16/06/11 12:50

What happened in the last two weeks.

. A good friend of mine was in canada as a refugee, the Canadian immigration put him in detention center, i had to take care of my friend's staffs, including his suitcases, bank accounts, etc. He was deported yesterday, i wish good luck for him.

. I had to complete my corporation's tax return, went to my accountant. And you know how hard it is to prepare company expenses, incomes, invoices, etc.

. Another friend of mine went to Turkey for vocation, we are taking care of his 3 cats. I am visiting his house 3 days in a week. Yesterday I went there, realized that two of the cats had torn window screen, and got out. We found one of them, spend almost 5 hours, but couldn't find the other one. I'll go there tonight after work...

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What happened in the last two weeks 2. .I am getting married in Latvia this summer. My parents needed visa to go to Latvia. They applied to Latvian embassy in Ankara for 2 weeks before and after (1month) the wedding. The embassy called my parents, and told them the visas are ready to pickup. After my sister let me know I bought 3 tickets for them. We realized that the visas were issued a day later the ticket's departing day. I had to update the departing time, paid 300$ extra :(. .I really forgot to renew my G driver license, it was. expired almost 14 months ago. My auto insurance company called me, and told me that they cannot renew my insurance because my driver license expired and cannot be renewed!. BOOOOM. I did a google search, and found out that, if G driver license expires more than 1 year and less than 3 years, then you need to get an eye exam. You also should bring your citizenship card or passport. So, what to do. I did it, I got my license renewed.. To many stressful things...
What happened in the last two weeks 3 .we finally found Jagr, my friend's cat. The things are getting better (hopefully)