Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Mr. O

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
09/05/11 10:01

We want to buy two bikes for outdoor. i am just wondering if anyone know any store in toronto that i can buy used bikes from.
As we need 2, i don't want to pay too much for new bikes.
here me toronto!!!



to Mr. O from Toronto, if you don't want to pay more than $600 for two bikes the best choice will be toronto.kijiji.ca or toronto.en.craigslist.ca. just be careful when you are buying, they might sell stolen bikes :)
Mr. O from Toronto,ON, find a Police auction, i am sure you can find a lot of stolen bikes with very cheap prizes. I remember last year they caught a bike robber who stole more than 1000 bikes. the police sold non-owned bikes in an auction. there is also a used bike store at Bellwood park on Queen St West.
to Mr. O: if you are not a hard core bike rider, i recommend you to not to buy bike, just rent it when you need. i know you want bikes for outdoor, but may be you can also rent from the BIXI if you want to use it in downtown toronto, BIXI started 2-3 weeks ago. this is what i know; . it requires registration . they have bike docking stations that you can rent the bikes . under 30 minutes is free . you can rent it 24/7 if you want more information here is their website; https://toronto.bixi.com/ good luck, i love people who wants to use bicycle or feet-mobile :)))
Canadian Tire is giving almost 60% discount some of the bikes. I and my wife decided to buy CCM Apex full-suspension bikes. the normal price was 599, but it canadian tire is selling them for 239.99$, which is great. I am not a hard core rider, so this deal is great for us..
We bought one CCM Apex full suspension ($239 + HST) and one CCM 29er Mountain Bike (same price), and picked the Apex yesterday, I am going to pick the 29er tonight. Hoping to ride this evening, but I think the weather won't let us, it is rainy. thanks Canadian Tire, it was really a good deal, we saved almost $700 for two bikes.
I also bought CCM Apex from Canadian Tire yesterday, I had to call them and put the bike on hold, because Canadian Tire location I went, 17750 Yonge, had only one in their stock. I rode it yesterday, love it, believe me you cannot get a better for $239. just a note, you may need to adjust the bike yourself, or at a bike store.
Shout Out to Mr. O. from Toronto, Ontario CA; After reading your post I also bought one CCM 29er Mountain Bike from Canadian tire. It is really cheap for this quality, the saddle is pretty comfortable for a mountain bike, I just don't understand why they don't put fenders to new bikes. :( only problem i am having with CCM 29er is its' back disk brake is squeaking. I just read few forums about the squeaking, they were saying cleaning the disk brake may solve the issue. I'll try it when i go home tonight. Else, I am thinking to go a bike store.
the bike you are seeing in the picture is my CCM 29er that I bought from Canadian Tire. My wife has a CCM Apex, because it has double suspensions, the Apex is heavier than my CCM 29er. However we found out that the CCM Apex is more stable and smoother than the 29er.