Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Brian

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
10/01/11 09:30

Valentine's day is coming. I don't know what to do for my wife. I am thinking to buy a necklace, but I am not sure yet. May be we can also go to a nice restaurant and have a romantic dinner. Does anyone can recommend a good restaurant in downtown Toronto that I can go with my wife for the valentine's day



To Brian from Oshawa, I am also thinking to go to a restaurant, please post here you've found any good restaurant for the valentine's day in downtown toronto
Mr. O and BRIAN, what food do you like, italian food, sea food, thai food! I can recommend you some restaurants for the valentine's day, but first you guys should to tell what kind of food you want to eat. Actually my question was wrong, what kind of food does your wife (or girl friend) like?
I did a google search for the best valentine's day restaurants in toronto, and found this site :http://www.dine.to/valentine_restaurants.php
Why dont you guys cook for the valentine's day. dont you think it will be more romantic than going to a restaurant. you can cook something like salmon. it goes great with any austrian white wine
My personal fave restaurants for sea food that you can go on valentine's day: Rodneys on King W. Also the Spicy Shrimp and the Onion Ginger Lobster are fantastic at Wah Too on Centre St South of Dundas. you might not like the places though
hey you valentine's day guys from toronto, don't you think it is very early to get ready for the valentine's day, we have 1 month to go. if you still want a recommendation for a restaurant take your wife to tim hortons
Hi Anonymous from Oshowa, 10/01/11 09:30. I recommend Splendido. It is a great restaurant, the food and the service are great. they are located at 88 harbord street