Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
10/05/11 21:14

Shout out to 411 duplex ave management: 2 months ago you told us the pool will be closed between 4 weeks to 6 weeks.it is still not open, the summer is coming and I want to loose some weight I gained in the winter, open the pool or give me a gym membership.



Another shoutout to 411 duplex avenue from me, Jenn, it has been almost 4 months, and you still didn't open the pool. you f..ing guys, as @Anonymous, 5/10/2011 9:14:40 PM, said, you promised us 4 months ago to open the pool in 4-6 weeks, didn't you.
411 duplex avenue's pool still hasn't been opened yet. we had a notice 3 days ago, it was saying the pool will be opened on 28 of september. finally. whole summer has gone, and you are opening the pool.
i am also living at 411 duplex avenue. i couldn't solve what your guys' problem is, this place is the one of the best in all toronto. it is just above the yonge & eglington mall, and you don't even need to go outside to go to the subway. we have 24 hours open Metro, Rexale, etc.. Pool? just patient, it is openning next week.
the pool is still closed. even we forgot if our building has a pool or not. almost 10 months has past
just saw a notice from 411 duplex management, saying "the pool has some cracks", so they cant open. they have to empty the pool, fix it and fill again, i think we need go wait 2-3 months more i dont believe them anymore, sure they are lying.
i see too many complains but no action here. if you are not really happy with 411 duplex ave, just move out to somewhere else, or call them to express your complaints. 411 duplex is under Cap Reit management, and their phone is 416-486-1662
the pool still not open. we got another letter from CAPREIT non-management, saying: Currently we are in the process to remove all the interrior tiles in the swimming pool, install a waterproof flexiable membrane, re-tile,,, bla bla bla... if you hired right people for the job you wouldn't pay that much to install, to remove, and to re-install the pool tiles again and again. And we wouldn't wait the pool that long, around 10 months... you idiots
Ok, so the pool has been working for a while now...but now they are going to shut us out of our balconies for the next 6 mths and not allow us to open the windows more than 4 inches all summer...hence...no AC...wtf?!
DON'T MOVE HERE! Great location - yes - but the management are terrible! Liars every time. Always construction, bugs, noise, etc. Elevators always out and the worst excuses. Everyone who lives here that I speak to is always complaining about the state of the building and how it's run. Don't be fooled!
Worst management ever. All they care about is making $, but don't give a s*it about the tenants. Pool is ALWAYS down with ridiculous reasons given, elevators are atrocious (I've already gotten stuck in one and had to call 911), and management lies thru their teeth every time you bring up an issue. I'm absolutely fed up. You don't expect to pay the amount of money that we pay for rent and have such awful amenities. Screw you, Capreit...I've had enough!!!!