Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Mr. O

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
09/05/11 18:27

shout out to census2011 web administrators, what is going on with your site, http://www.census2011.gc.ca/, it stopped working while i was entering my answers. i was that much close, really..



the Census2011 site is back, and i wanted to continue where i was stopped. even the site is saying, "We have received your census questionnaire", when I want to say I'll continue to complete "National Household Survey" which is optional, it is asking all the census questions again (not only the "national household survey questions).. so, I am not going to volunteer anymore... does this make me a bad canadian citizen?
stupid census2011 survey, it is asking "When was this dwelling originally built?", how can i now this, why do you need to know, or why you are not giving me an option "I do not know"