Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
21/02/11 14:50

what is happening at 411 duplex avenue apartment, all of the security cameras, including the pool's, have been removed, some strange people (look like drag dealers?) are coming to the building in the late times. I remember once, 3-4 months ago, few strange people gathered at the terrace. Also, today saw that the pool's door was pushed to break. dirty things are happening here.



Shout out to 411 duplex avenue management, are you serious about closing the pool for 10 weeks? The pool is the only attraction you are providing in this building, and now you are closing it! Come on. You should at least give us a free gym membership
hey, I live there two! the bldg is going to sh**t! I have inquired with the Landlord Tennant Board and they say the tenants of 411 could be eligible for a partial rent refund b/c of the pool and elevator situation. Please ask the mgmt for this, I know I have and the more people the complain, the more likely we are to get somewhere!
hi phoebe from 411 duplex, i didn't think about the partial rent refund, it is really good idea. I will sure ask for it. we all should complain about the things are happening at the 411. it seems most of us don't really care, or are not complaining.