Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
05/10/11 18:06

my condolences goes for Steve Jobs who lost his life today at age 56.
although i am not an iX fan, he changed the peoples' life in a positive way (at least I believe so).

just i want people to realize, don't need to be very crazy about job, work, money, at the end, we all go to the same place.

as an IT person, we will miss you Steve Jobs



he was a unique inventor. he affected everyone's daily activities, even the cultures. he wasn't a business person, but a technical. sleep well Steve Jobs, the world won't forget you
very very big lost for the U.S. soon all the inventions will be coming from china as the U.S. can't produce new inventors. (don't count facebook sht., this is not an invention)