Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Miner

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
30/04/11 06:49

my condolences go for all the U.S. citizens, we have lost too many good citizens during the tornado storms in the south. i have very close friends live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I am thanking to God that they are all OK and no one has even injured.



some info about the tornado storm: this is the second most deadly tornado storm in the United States' history (the worst one happened in 1925 and killed 747 innocent people). This one wiped out everything in front of it, and killed 350 so far. 8 are still missing, and around 1,730 people are injured. Human being is being punished with disasters by the mother nature in the last decades, tsunami in Indonesia, hurricane Katrina, tsunami in Japan, etc... We have done enough to the world, the time has come to stop the global warming: . USE GREEN ENERGY . USE PUBLIC TRANSIT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN . DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS . JOIN COMMUNITIES TO PLANT TREES AT LEAST ONCE IN EVERY YEAR . RAISE YOUR KIDS WITH AWARENESS OF THE GLOBAL WARMING . WARN / ALERT / URGE PEOPLE WHO POLLUTES THE EARTH
i watched on CBC yesterday, felt really bad after watching it: tornado destroyed a family's house in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the father was saying, 'until this i never asked for help from anyone, i worked myself, i earned my own money, i took care of my family myself, but now, look at my house, it is destroyed, i can't do anything, i am feeling really helpless now'. if anyone can tell me how i can help to this family.