Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by canadian

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
12/04/11 10:08

to all Canadians, the election is coming, please please do not vote for the liar Stephan Harper. we have lost all of our Canadian values with this guy, we were known as a peaceful country, not anymore, we were known as a environment friendly country, not anymore. conservatives are big liars, they only think about money, they do whatever their big brother U.S. says, no more no less, they are using the religion as a tool, do not elect them again



Shout out to the nickname 'Canadian' from Vancouver, we don't need your opinions. Because of Stephan Harper, we were not affected from the global economic crisis like the other countries
shout out to Anonymous from Toronto (13:08), aren't we living in democracy, can't i express myself. i already mentioned that conservatives are only about money, and you are telling me that we haven't been affected from the crisis. money isn't the only thing in this world Mr Ananoymous