Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Berryville, Arkansas, United States
25/09/11 18:51

hey Sony, what a great product you have, the PS3.
Today i installed the latest update, then wanted to play FIFA 11, however, the game was freezing at certain points, i thought the problem was the FIFA's CD, i cleaned the CD, and tried again, no luck, even the whole system was freezing...

then I Googled, found out that some other people had the similar issues, most of them recommending to clear the cookies under the Internet Browser. So, I wanted to follow the same way, clicked on the Internet Browser in order to clean the cookies, but when I clicked on it the PS3 crashed, it didn't even open the browser, just restarted the device, tried 3 times, same results.

I tried "System Restore", didn't work, I tried "Quick Format" still didn't work.
Now I am trying the full format, and this is what I am seeing on the screen:.
Do not turn of the system
Remaining time Approximately 17 Hours 26 minutes...

Come on Sony, 17hours 26 minutes to format a hard drive. What the HELL... You gave us enough problem so far. If I did know that your PS3 sht has a lot of problems, I would go with XBox 360.



I believe you will also lose your fifa 11 career when you format the ps3's hdd, and all the games' data.
@sandy, for sure he/she will lose the fifa11's career. the data is kept on the hard drive, if you full format it you will lose everything. but with the quick format he/she could recover the careers, it is too late though.
Haelllujah! I needed this-you're my savior.
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