Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States

by Anonymous

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
29/01/11 10:56

i think (I HOPE) the real democracy is coming to North Africa, especially to Egypt. my hearth is with you Egyptians



Just read that China is banning twitter tweets with Egypt tag in it. dirty political agreements.
my dear Egyptian friends, sisters brothers, i am praying for you now, God bless all of you. finally you have changed your government. hopefully that idiot mubarek will go too.
i was watching the news about Egypt on CBC yesterday, what i like the most is, soldiers didn't really do anything against the protesters, even some of the protesters were sitting on the tanks. good luck Egyptians
to 29/01/2011 14:01, where did you read that china is banning tweets with egypt tags, i'd like to read the details.
Mubarak's regime blames other factors instead of itself: foreign countries, muslim Brotherhood and oppositions are the responsible ones for him. as the US has the most effect on mubarek, please please U.S. stop supporting Mubarak regime now, that region deserves better
some of the blogs are mentioning that there are random shootings in poor areas in Egypt, and police and army not coming for help. my thought, the government wants more chaos to find a reason to bring the army on power, like it happened in Tunisia, they released all the prisoners
was reading newspaper, it seems the protests in Tunisia and Egypt have jumped to Gaza. Bedouins has started protests, 12 of them were killed. bad bad news for civilians.
Tong,Bradford, 29/01/2011 14:50, i don't think U.S. government really supports the protesters. h. mubarek is their guy who gets 1.5 billion dollar aid every year from america.
i am shouting here for my friends in Egypt, i hope you will get rid of this idiot Mubarek with his rich generals, and bring the real democracy to Egypt
the situation in Egypt is turning into a civil war, i dont get it that there are still some people who support h. mubarek. some bad odors are coming to my nose, do you think there are some support from foreign countries?
congratulations Egypt, very very big success, Mubarak can go to hell now with his 70 billion dollar. Egyptians you should also get rid of Omar Suleiman, he is more dangerous than Mubarak
Egypt, you have a great story, and you are making another one. i have been praying for you since the protests started. please DO NOT stop until every single thing from Hosni Mubarak is gone. Turkey is with you brothers and sisters
the real democracy will come to north africa if the oil suckers let. currently happening in Libya is what people of Libya want. but, i just read today that U.S. is sending a fleet and a aircraft carrier to Libya. no any other country should touch them, let Libyans win their democracy, then they will feel that they are free, then they will own the democracy, then they will have a story to to tell their grand sons, they will have a story to be proud of. every revolution comes with pain. And i really don't want to see U.S. troops in Libya, because there is enough mess done in the world by U.S.
S-O to Anonymous from Kelowna: what you are saying is we should let animal Gaddafi to kill his own people?